The Dutch East Indies Campaign 1941-1942

The Biographies section includes short biographies and in some cases also photos of Dutch, British, Australian, American and Japanese high ranking officers - generals and admirals, who played a significant role during the Dutch East Indies Campaign 1941-1942. If you have any comments, remarks, corrections or wish to contribute some biographical information, please contact me.
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the Netherlands

the Netherlands

• Lieutenant-General Hein Ter Poorten

• Lieutenant-General Gerardus J. Berenschot

• Major-General Jacob J. Pesman

• Major-General Wijbrandus Schilling

• Major-General Pierre A. Cox

• Major-General Gustav A. Ilgen

• Major-General Tjalling Bakker

• Major-General Roelof T. Overakker

• Air Force Lieutenant-General Ludolph H. van Oyen

• Captain Jacob P. van Helsdingen fighter ace

• Vice-Admiral Conrad E. L. Helfrich

• Rear-Admiral Karel W. F. M. Doorman

• Rear-Admiral Johan J. A. van Staveren

• Rear-Admiral Gerhard W. Stöve

• Rear-Admiral Pieter Koenraad



• Brigadier Arthur S. Blackburn

• Commodore John A. Collins

United States of America

United States of America

• Major-General J. F. Barnes

• Air Force Lieutenant-General George H. Brett

• Air Force Major-General Lewis H. Brereton
• Admiral Thomas C. Hart

• Rear-Admiral William R. Purnell

• Rear-Admiral William A. Glassford, Jr.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

• General Sir Archibald P. Wavell

• Lieutenant-General Arthur E. Percival

• Lieutenant-General Sir Henry R. Pownall

• Major-General Sir Hervey D. W. Sitwell

• Major-General Sir Ian S. Playfair

• Air Chief Marshall Sir Richard E. C. Peirse

• Air Vice Marshall Sir Paul (Copeland) Maltby

• Group Captain Sir Lawrence Darvall

• Rear-Admiral Sir Arthur F. E. Palliser

Imperial Japanese Army

Imperial Japanese Army

• Lieutenant-General Hitoshi Imamura

• Lieutenant-General Masao Maruyama

• Major-General Kiyotake Kawaguchi

• Major-General Shizuo Sakaguchi

• Major-General Takeo Ito

• Major-General Yuitsu Tsuchihashi

• Colonel Toshishige Shoji

Imperial Japanese Navy

Imperial Japanese Navy

• Vice-Admiral Chuichi Nagumo

• Vice-Admiral Jisaburo Ozawa

• Vice-Admiral Ibo Takahashi

• Vice-Admiral Nobutake Kondo

• Vice-Admiral Nishio Tsukahara

• Rear-Admiral Takeo Takagi

• Rear-Admiral Shoji Nishimura

• Rear-Admiral Takeo Kurita

• Rear-Admiral Raizo Tanaka

• Rear-Admiral Kyuji Kubo

• Rear-Admiral Ruitaro Fujita

• Rear-Admiral Shintaro Hashimoto

• Rear-Admiral Sueto Hirose

• Rear-Admiral Kenzaburo Hara

• Rear-Admiral Kakaji Kakuta

• Rear-Admiral Kouichiro Hatakeyama

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